About us


RMM has been advising and helping organisations use social media, technologies and platforms since 2007.

We’re a team of 15 analysts, trainers, workshop facilitators, project managers, media relations experts and content creators, headquartered in London with staff in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

We work with the following clients: Mozilla, Diageo, Samsung Mobile, Capgemini, Kia Motors, BBC Worldwide, the British Council and the Department of Work & Pensions. We sit on various panels and committees, such as the IAB social media council, helping to build industry standards for social media activity in Europe.


We can build, manage and evaluate our clients’ communities, social initiatives, online media relations and customer response programs using our own bespoke social media processes, frameworks and tools.

Our data-driven approach enables us to define detailed social media audience profiles and activity roadmaps for our clients. Our approach is inherently collaborative. We develop ideas and activities in partnership with our clients, using our experience of what works, and our understanding of what’s right for their organisation. Our range of services is outlined below.

  • Insight
    The generation of insights into social media activities, platforms, audience needs and interests – in response to market, organisation, audience behaviour and technology developments. We provide this through research, measurement and analysis.
  • Inspiration
    We help inspire ideas for social media activities, content and services by providing an organisation with insights, stimulus and a fresh perspective. We provide this through activity workshops, roadmap planning and gap analysis.
  • Expertise
    We impart social media expertise, knowledge and skills to an organisation and its employees. This includes helping to develop social platforms, tools and communities, and subcontracting additional social media resources. We provide this through social initiatives, buzz management, social media relations, community management and platform/asset development.


RMM helps organisations use social technologies, platforms and media to develop stronger networks and relationships – with a view to building their social capital.

We believe the only way to do this is to work with our clients, rather than for our clients. By providing both training and managed services, we aim to fill organisations’ gaps in terms of social media skills, knowledge, assets and human resources.

In this way, we help organisations become more socially skilled, knowledgeable, prepared and confident – capable of developing stronger networks and relationships – and of successfully investing and building their social capital..


The effect of social technologies on the way individuals and organisations communicate, share, create and recommend is wide-ranging and continuing to evolve at a fast pace.

There is a challenge for organisations in the way that they embrace this technological and the associated behavioural change. Marketers, for example, cannot simply “buy” social success. Customer service directors cannot simply install new CRM technology to make their call centre employees come over as expert assistants in the eyes of their customers.

‘Social’ is not a medium. It’s a currency, fuelled by exchanges, discussions and recommendations. As a result, the defining ‘social’ objective for an organisation is to increase its social capital.

RMM works with organisations to help them invest and build their social capital.

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