Social Climber 26: Goodbye Ping, we hardly knew Ye…

This week Social Climber looks at the thorny issue of euthanising a social network as well as a Comscore-Facebook love in and an insurance news story that won’t even send you to sleep…

You can read the whole bally thing here: Social Climber no.26 (15th June 2012)

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Rob Meiklejohn

As a member of RMM’s social media insights team Rob compiles research reports, keeps track of existing best practices, conducts competitor benchmarking and performs data analysis for a wide range of clients. Rob has worked on projects across a range of sectors including healthcare, automotive and business continuity.

Rob is also responsible for monitoring emerging social media trends and technologies and understanding what implications these have for both RMM’s clients and the industry as a whole.

Before joining RMM Rob studied for a BA and MA in English Literature at the University of Sheffield where he wrote his dissertation on contemporary American literature and, somehow, TV series The Wire. Away from the laptop Rob enjoys reading, gaming, music on vinyl, and making the most of his ‘compact’ frame and infamous right foot in undignified five a-side football tussles.

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