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  1. Rob

    Edit: Of course there’s another side to all this. Maybe @comcast is really a supervillain. Dave Winer says “Sorry I still hate Comcast” http://www.scripting.com/stories/2009/09/02/sorryIStillHateComcast.html

    “Not only couldn’t they stop the Comcast machine from chewing me up and spitting me out, they had the gall to say they liked me while they were doing it! Now that’s really asking for the hate.”

  2. Axel Schultze

    Right on – I’m a comcast customer. And I hated their support “listen carefully to this menu… dial 2 …. dial 1….” and still no decent response after 30 minutes talking to a machine.

    That has changed. I tweet to Frank, get a response a few seconds later – get a good advice and things get fixed.

    Nothing more to say then – why only comcast? Is that hard to move a company from mediocre to great? No – this is not a budget question but but it takes a new mindset.

    Well done Frank !!!


  3. Ronna Hamelin

    I have had an incredibly positive experience with @comcastcares. If Frank is not available, his other techs monitor and respond. Before I knew where he was based, I asked a question about my local cable channel lineup in NH and he answered! My friend posted a Tweet complaining that his Internet connection was down and I responded with “contact @comcastcares” and before he could, one of Frank’s associates had asked how they could help! Phenomenal! As I said to Frank, I wish he would go work for Sprint. They certainly need his brand of service! Keep up the excellent service, Frank. We, who have dealt with Comcast for years, love you!

  4. PPNSteve

    I have to agree 100% with this ‘superhero’ thing.. Frank, and his team, is just straight up awesome and can get the job done.

    Plus if you follow him long enough, he’s quite entertaining and funny, too.

    I also mush learn these powers, then I WILL RULE THE WORLD! (or at least my little part of it..)

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