Social media research for Capgemini UK: case study

We planned and managed updates to Capgemini UK’s online content, on the basis of insights generated from social media research into the key conversations, challenges and queries being voiced by their customers, partners and analysts.

We agreed six key business services to track for Capgemini UK, using monitoring tools to gather data on customer conversations. We carried out manual analysis to understand the context of these conversations and enable us provide recommendations on updates to Capgemini’s UK website.

Our research led to a clearer understanding of the key questions, topics of conversation and interests of people discussing Capgemini’s services.fgfg

The information we gathered was put to use in rewording Capgemini’s website content to make it more ‘outside in’ – anticipating and answering customer challenges and questions rather than simply promoting services from Capgemini’s perspective. This in turn improved the SEO value of the website content.

Our research also informed the website redesign process, and fed into decisions around the website’s functionality. For example, information architecture changes allowed customers to browse website content by job function as well as industry sector. Video blogs were added to enable people to comment and discuss Capgemini’s solutions on the company’s own site.

Dawn Elliott, Head of UK Web Development, commented:

We’ve tapped into RMM’s social media expertise for the last three years. They’ve been quick to understand what we’re trying to achieve and help us make the best use of social media to achieve our objectives.

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