Content marketing strategy for ebay Europe

We helped ebay Europe change their approach to how they speak to their customers in social and online channels, creating a unique position for the brand in the world of retail.

As one of the original ‘social’ brands, ebay was facing a challenge in regards to how it turned social media engagement and conversations into purchases. Too much of its content now seemed ‘me too’, with a proliferation of online retailers taking very proactive approaches to their online content marketing.

After auditing and evaluating the performance of their current content, we proposed a back-to-basics strategy where we tapped into ebay’s unique customer data to create inspirational shopping content, which people couldn’t find anywhere else.

Which products are selling fastest? How does the re-sale value of this phone change? What fashion accessories are working best during this cold spell? Why is this laptop this week’s top seller? Which chocolates sell best every Valentine’s Day? Which offers fly out the door on Friday?

More thoroughly and aggressively mining ebay’s unique product purchase data set created a host of interesting facts and figures for ebay’s customers.

The strategy rolled out across ebay’s online content channels during 2013.

Iain MacMillan

Iain founded RMM in 2006, with the objective of providing good, strategic advice across all areas of digital and social media. Nowadays, the focus is entirely social and involves the provision of more than just advice – insight, inspiration and expertise in social media. Iain leads the strategy development and training teams on most client projects.

He specialises in leading client strategy projects in a number of sectors, including finance and gambling, where RMM has conducted studies into social behaviour in highly regulated environments. He also leads projects for travel sector clients, a sector in which RMM works in partnership with eCRM sector specialist, Spike Marketing. They work together across a number of clients, most recently including Neilson Holidays, Thomas Cook’s ski and active holidays division.

Prior to RMM, Iain spent five years helping to run the web design business, Tonic, winning and managing accounts such as Vodafone, GE, GAP, MTV and Barclaycard. Before that he worked at Tribal DDB London, working on Volkswagen before heading up the Victor Chandler, Sony Europe and Guardian accounts. And before that he had a colourful career in music promotions, running the annual Soho Jazz Festival in 1997.

Iain spends quite a large amount of time trying and failing to explain to his long-suffering wife why he really loves golf, seventies hard rock and eighties pop. She remains none the wiser.

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