Social media training for Red Bull Music Academy: case study

We trained a team of music experts to source new music recommendations from online communities, crowd-source program content for events and monitor and respond to participants in the Red Bull Music Academy.Ahead of the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) event in London, the RBMA wanted to get involved in conversations with relevant music communities, with a view to building awareness, interest and online participation in the event. Our challenge was to identify relevant music communities, understand how best to engage these communities and train RBMA’s music experts on how monitor and engage in these conversations. Using our research tools we identified, categorised and prioritised the most relevant music communities. Based on music genres, we identified and ranked over 400 music blogs and forums. We reviewed existing conversations in these communities to understand the best ways to engage members of these communities. We identified three opportunities for the RBMA:

1.    To monitor for, and respond to, questions specifically about the RBMA London event

2.    To join existing conversations where the RBMA’s vast archive of radio and video content could enhance a conversation

3.    To begin new conversations, crowd-sourcing input and advice for RBMA London events – such as questions for guest speakers, and recommendations of new music to feature.

With this strategy in place, we trained a team of RBMA music experts on how to represent the RBMA in these communities and enter into conversations with their audience of music fans.

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Simon Preece

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