Matt Rebeiro

Matt helps our clients devise, develop and prototype ideas for social media activities, initiatives and programs.

His specialist subjects include understanding how social media has altered our traditional media consumption habits, as well as the luxury sector, retail and F&B. In addition, Matt also spends time working across the clothing, beauty, property and FMCG sectors.

Matt has been with RMM since 2007 and before that he ran a community radio station and studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

Matt mostly likes science fiction, skateboards and scotch eggs.

One response to “Twitter isn’t email 2.0, it’s RSS 2.0”

  1. matthew

    agreed. facebook is augmented email, not twitter.
    facebook is replacing (within certain groups, and gaining more and more groups) email, and provides a far richer experience than plain email itself. it can be used as a single point to point, point to many points, open discussion and also as the ‘post it note left on all of your friend’s desks’, as – “hey, i’m not emailing this to you for your attention, but if you want to read it, its here” for things like photos and wall posts to others. that’s email 2.0.

    maybe twitter is talk radio 2.0 ;)

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