Matt Rebeiro

Matt helps our clients devise, develop and prototype ideas for social media activities, initiatives and programs.

His specialist subjects include understanding how social media has altered our traditional media consumption habits, as well as the luxury sector, retail and F&B. In addition, Matt also spends time working across the clothing, beauty, property and FMCG sectors.

Matt has been with RMM since 2007 and before that he ran a community radio station and studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

Matt mostly likes science fiction, skateboards and scotch eggs.

2 responses to “Why APIs should never have been made open (and how it might’ve monetised Twitter)”

  1. Advertisespace

    I agree with you Ryan. Most API’s, especially ones like twitter should be opened for a fee only. If companies are paying, they’ll be building something more useful and the entire economy around that one API will be built on economics and not just air.

    Well said

  2. Leo Ryan

    Matt, Matt, Matt. I’d point you to one key word in your post; “handful”. A handful of developers paying an aces fee is not going to pay the rent on the latest $15M round of funding (
    But what *might* is a useful commercial application that comes out of the primordial soup of open API usage. Like Yammer: might.

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